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Reflex Invisible Score 





“....Now I finally understand why you want us to call ourselves Game-Masters, its because everyone can become a master, even my professor in the university is master-professor, or a master-student for example but in this active listening playground we are training to become master of the game, therefore we are game-masters…”


(Hamza El-Fasiki, Kentira, ALP Morocco, 2013)

Exhibition, NL, 2013
SoundImage Playground Party, Utrechet, Netherlands 2013
Tasting Sounds, US, 2012
Ultra-sound Fest, US, 2012
Ultra-Sound 1st Village Festival 2012, NJ, USA
Trade Show, US, 2012
Big Bang, US, 2013
City Operagame, NJ, 2014
DREAM COOK JUMP, Netherlands, 2014
Cafeteria Operagame, NL, 2013
Reflex Ensemble
Reflex Ensemble Concert, Tel-Aviv 2009, Ruth Tamir performing NO VOICE, NO ANSWER, Reflexive Music Score
Stop-Listen-Go, Morocco, 2013
Hamza El Fasiki, ALP Conductor 2012, conducting PUSH THE BUTTON, Reflexive Music Score
I PAINT=YOU Sing, Rwanda, 2012
Summer Concerts, FN, 2013
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Big Bang, US, 2013

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