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SINCE 1999

Founded by Rosenbaum in 1999, REFLEX ensemble is a daring multi-national community and ensemble who believes in erasing the boundaries between art, technology and live performance using a unique inner logic and counterpoint between sound and vision. This modern music ensemble (formed after "New Voices" took place - the first interdisciplinary festival in Israel), is a unique collective of classical, jazz and rock musicians, actors and dancers, lighting, sound artists, photographic and video artists and designers, from Israel, Europe and the US. Ensemble members are leading figures in the contemporary art, music and performance scene. 
Reflex challenges the old-school classical music tradition in its focus on performance, openness to new technologies, and incorporation of diverse art forms. In 2005 Reflex premiered in New York at the Chelsea Art Museum with Blowing Steam.  Having gathered forty artists from across the globe, the success of these sold out performances led to the foundation of the Reflex Quartet in the Netherlands as well as invitations to perform around the world. Reflex was the ensemble-in-residence at the Project Room and The Chelsea Art Museum and in the Notations21 Project lab. Developing innovative performative events and educational programs.

Reflex vision.  A new kind of orchestra.The musicians on stage, as well as the off-stage lighting, sound and visual artists, are all in red coveralls and are all performers.  The visual experience is no less breathtaking than the music. It is an unexpected and at times disarming experience. "You have to see it to believe it" ..."Reflex is bold and in your face, it's like the rock music of contemporary classical music."  from Concert Without Walls by Nina Colosi (Founder,The Project Room) 


Nina Colosi / Chelsea Art Museum / Streaming Museum

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