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ALP - Education  2012

Radburn School, NJ, USA 

'THE BIG BANG' based on the Invisible Score 'I PAINT YOU SING'

Radburn Elementary School - NJ 2012


Commissioned by Raduburn school.

Inspired by the Big Bang theory, ....."If the world has begun with a single quantum, the notions of space and time would altogether fail to have any meaning at the beginning; they would only begin to have a sensible meaning when the original quantum had been divided into a sufficient number of quanta. 


I composed the community of Radburn elementary school in NJ from the seed of our eyes can sing and our ears can paint. Together with Ruth Bashan - art therapist and parent with one of the most unique stories being hearing impaired most of her life and regaining hearing possibilities over the last few years. We designed an interactive workshop day for the entire school.5th grade, composed a visual score with blindfolds, paining on canvas. 


4th graders composed a sound score with their eyes wide open. Both scores were performed with the entire school as part of the Active Listening Playground together with Carlos Cordeiro - Clarinet and Keren Rosenbaum - Cello. 


Composed & Directed by Keren Rosenbaum with Carlos Cordeiro and Ruth Bashan As part of the Composing Community project 2012

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