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We offer workshops, courses and events in various formats according to the needs and conditions of our clients. Companies and organizations invite us for ALP workshops and courses where we teach, perform and integrate the tools to connect employees, give departments the ability to work as a team, and produce a creative and attentive work environment. We know playfulness leads to higher productivity. We practice playfulness as a goal unto itself,  not only as the means to an end. With ALP Approach the “music” comes back to every situation, and with the ALP Tools everyone is able to sustain it.


Creating Playgrounds within well established organizations and companies directly funds our work with Playgrounds in challenged communities of few resources, low-income schools and refugee camps around the world.

In 2019 The Active Listening Playground methodology was introduced to the workplace environment with ALP Workshops for corporates around the world.

Our latest program the Executive Playground offers everyone the opportunity to bring back playfulness and active listening into their organization while supporting communities in need around the world. 

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