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The Reflex Ensemble, Keren Rosenbaum, Founder and Director, will present the Ultra-Sound Festival on Saturday, May 5 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at locations throughout Demarest, New Jersey. Produced by REFLEX ensemble, this will be the culmination of Demarest’s first inter-disciplinary community music event, and will explore new methods of communication in the arts.


The Ultra-Sound Festival of neighborhood inter-disciplinary presentations will include drumming performances, a sound installation at the Demarest village gazebo, the local high-school band performing a unique and experimental march to the firehouse (produced in cooperation with local law enforcement), interactive sound and visual games in the village train station, and a program of improvised music and visuals directed by Ms. Rosenbaum.  Musicologist Theresa Sauer’s Notations 21 Project, an exhibition celebrating the aesthetic and graphic beauty of contemporary illustrated musical scores will also be open for viewing that day at The Mikhail Zakin Gallery at The Art School at Old Church, 561 Piermont Road in Demarest. More about this at Notations 21 Project

The Ultra-Sound Festival is made possible with support from the borough of Demarest, New Jersey. The May 5 events are FREE ADMISSION


Founded by Keren Rosenbaum in 1999, Reflex is a multi-national thirty-five-member ensemble dedicated to erasing the boundaries between art, technology and live performance using a unique inner logic and counterpoint between sound and vision. This modern music ensemble (formed after "New Voices" took place - the first interdisciplinary festival in Israel), is a unique collective of classical, jazz and rock musicians, actors and dancers, lighting, sound artists, photographic and video artists and designers, from Israel, Europe and the U.S. 


Ensemble members are leading figures in the contemporary art, music and performance scene. Since 1999 the ensemble produced Reflex1, Reflex2, Reflex3 (Duet for Violin and Spotlight), Reflex4 (Blowing Steam), and Reflex5 (Reflex Quartet and the 10th anniversary international celebration). Visit them at Reflex Ensemble

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