The Active Listening Playground (ALP) Trainings and Events all part of the ALP Academy are powerful and innovative tools to develop creativity and to build strong communities.



At the ALP Academy we define 3 channels and we are committed to provide the best training opportunities in order to support and spread the ALP Mindset, Tools and ways how to incorporate ALP into your everyday activity. There are incredible practices developed in our world that can teach “being” (going inside, diverting our focus and connecting to our body)  At the same time we find many practices who focus on the “doing” (how to become efficient, useful and productive).


ALP is a Mindset, a process and a product, we like saying it is BE and DO together which makes it to DO-BE-DO-BE-DO. ALP stands for Active Listening Playground. ALP is a framework for an art form we call REFLEXIVE MUSIC. In Reflexive Music we believe that becoming an active listener, composer, conductor, performer and eventually an wholistic performer can enable you to have a mindset of BEING & DOING which for us it translate as ongoing flow of DO-BE-DO-BE-DO. Why would anyone wish to be in this mindset? we have discovered that it can make you productive, not frustrated and happy.


The ALP Practice was developed by interdisciplinary composer Keren Rosenbaum. Since an early age diagnosed with a rare neurological syndrome synesthesia (a mix of the senses) she developed her unique musical expression she named Reflexive Music. Rosenbaum refers to Reflexive Listening as if you are listening in 4D. Unlike Reflective Listening that echoes one listener to another, in Reflexive we become unison with ourselves and with a partner. Any situation transforms into an active listening playground where everything is part of it but not anything, where the sensation of happy and creative can be ongoing. 


The purpose of practicing ALP is to make people realize that by engaging in a higher level of playfulness they are able to become reacher, it improve themselves and others. To create a sustainable growth and bring additional meaning into their life. 


For those who are interested in learning more about ALP, you are welcome to join us for a short introduction about ALP and its implementations worldwide.

Beginners Certificate

Preparation: None

No prior experience is needed

Duration: 5 days

Learning to sustain the playfulness mindset with the ALP Tools by integrating the approach into activities at work and into daily life.


Duration: 1.5 Hours

No prior experience is needed

  • Guided Warmup

  • ALP Tools introduction

  • Learning to play using the ALP tools

  • Summarizing with a small event


Advance Certificate

The ALP conductor's certificate can be obtained by completing the Game-Master level and participating as interns to conduct a live community playground! (duration may vary)

Any student who wishes to introduce ALP for Gamers level must be certified as an ALP Conductor. This ALP Conductor training is designed as an individually program. The training include both group sessions one-on-one intensive Reflexive Music composition lessons.


It is important to us that anyone presenting her/himself as an ALP CONDUCTOR will be qualified to introduce and train with the ALP TOOLS on a higher level. We strive to have our conductors initiating ALP Introduction as well as working on developing person projects where ALP TOOLS are being incorporated. For this purpose we designed this level to be based on personal sessions as well as evaluations of personal work.


Master level

This ALP Training is designed individually and is designed to train individuals to become ALP Masters.  At this level participants are already experienced with the ALP Tools, have conducted a live event of an Active Listening Playground and wish to begin composing their own playgrounds in their own communities. 

(c) Keren Rosenbaum / 

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